About Highdown Church in Worthing

Highdown church may not seem like your typical church, we actually meet in a school hall in Durrington. We are a church that meets every week, encourages and support each other in fellowship with our walk for and with God.

We meet as a church every Sunday to worship God and follow Jesus. Our sunday service, youth groups, network groups and alpha courses are open to anyone and involve times of worship, biblical teaching and prayer ministry for those who want it.

Highdown church started in 1999, There are lots of churches in Worthing, so what is Highdown Church like? We are an all-age local church made up of people from a wide spectrum of life. We want to connect faith and life and find out what it means to follow the life, teachings and message of Jesus – right here in Worthing and wherever we are. We’re pretty relaxed in our meetings on Sunday but serious about living out the Christian life. Our church is so much more than Sundays – we do lots during the week and like other churches in Worthing get involved in things in the town and the wider world. Use the links to find out more – or the best way is to come along. You will be very welcome.

Our vision for the future is simple.

  • We believe we must continue with the same values and ethics that we currently have.
  • Spend time expanding and growing God’s church as a family.
  • We want to continue spending times worshipping Jesus.
  • We want a church based around Jesus and not ourselves.
  • God has been doing some wonderful things amongst us – we long to see more fruit and are excited about the greater things yet to come…

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